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Pink Wedding Bouquets – Beautiful Bridal Bouquets In Pink Color

Pink Wedding Bouquets always a popular choice for brides. You look so beautiful with the white wedding dress. Pink is so created, with bouquets of flowers and many different colors. Whatever your style, it is a perfect bouquet of pink flowers for you and your wedding. Pink stands for feminine qualities and is in every […]

Wedding Ceremony Idea

The most important part of a wedding is the official wedding ceremony.For many couples and their families the ceremony should reflect their dreams, expectations and values. When the bride arrives at the ceremony in her white wedding dress, while the groom is waiting for her, the room is full of anticipation. The etiquette of a […]

Some Stories Behind The Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Wedding absolutely is one of the most important things in a women’s life. Every detail should be well planned and prepared for that special occasion. Among all the things you need to do, the most important point is the bride’s wedding dress. A beautiful and elegant gown made of good fabric and premium materials certainly […]

Choosing Wedding Themes

The one day in a woman’s life that means everything to her is her dream wedding. Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful and precious day of her life. That means getting everything right and the way she wants it. Planning a wedding can be a very big weight to carry but […]

Attending A Wedding Show In Colorado

If you have wedding plans, why not take the time to study wedding etiquette and attend wedding shows in Colorado. With wedding etiquette lessons you will learn what to and what not to do so that you won’t hear anything from your guests that might discomfort you. You don’t need to follow all wedding etiquette […]

White Wedding Gown?.the Ultimate Choice!

  The focal point of any wedding ceremony is the bride and as she walks down the aisle, all eyes turn to her and her wedding gown. It is the dream of every bride to get the most beautiful and elegant wedding gown available in the market and this is why all brides take […]

9 Wedding Traditions and Decisions.

So you’re engaged and you’ve got a wedding to plan. You begin to decide what traditions you wish to include in your wedding. Would it help to know how some of those traditions got started? What is one of the first things that come to mind when hearing the word wedding? More often than not […]

The Proper Wedding Etiquette For Brides

Whether we admit it or don’t Wedding Etiquette is still an important issue to many of us. Don’t you hear yourself complaining for some weddings that you have attended? Maybe you have heard some friends who have attended a wedding ceremony and learning after the rites that he or she was not invited for the […]

Spanish (From Spain) Wedding Traditions

Modern Wedding in Spain: Suits: The bride usually wears a white wedding dress of fiancee although the last tendency are cream colors. Also, in the civil ceremonies, suits of another colors are used allthough minoritary. The veil is usually part of the dress, although it is hardly used to cover the face. Bride’s mother shows […]

Origin of the wedding dress

Though wedding has been existing ever since the ancient time, brides begun to wear wedding dresses less than 200 years ago. In the western countries, the wedding dresses worn by brides was originally Catholics’ ceremony dress. In the ancient European countries which believed in caesaropapism, only the wedding blessed by the pastor in the church […]