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Celebrate your Marriage with the Perfect Fall Wedding

You may well ask, why should you go in for a fall wedding? Weddings are an occasion to be cherished for a lifetime. They are something that happen only once in a lifetime and are considered auspicious for obvious reasons. Arranging for a wedding at the right time and at the right place is very […]

Summer Weddings – Nothing Can Beat the Beauty of Summer Weddings

Many people have always dreamt of having the perfect summer wedding. The weather is at its best and there is the fresh smell of exotic flowers in the breeze. This is the season of love and beauty. Who does not want to start a new life in the season of love? Summer weddings are the […]

Wedding packages can offer valuable discounts!

The savings found when wedding packages are purchased can be significant, helping to reduce the significant financial burden of a wedding. Weddings can be expensive when all of the requirements of venue hire, catering, transport, suit hire, wedding flowers and wedding dresses are considered.                   To a newlywed couple to be, this may be a […]

The Etiquette For A Victorian Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are different depending on the preferences and fortunes of those involved. There are no specific directions to follow. However, those that will be married by ministers should first study the form of weddings their church follows. The Episcopalians have their “Book of Common Prayer”, the Methodists have their “Book of Discipline” and the […]

Wedding Favors ? Why Include Them in Your Wedding

Article Introduction:Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Weddings are something to be very happy about – I have heard so many people feeling the cheer of their wedding that frankly I cannot wait for my own special day to arrive. Nevertheless, planning a wedding is a mixture of hard work and pleasure at the same time […]