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Choosing Season Themed Wedding Favors

Depending on when you’re celebrating your big day, you can choose from season themed wedding favors for added charm. The whole point of choosing such favors is so guests can take home something that symbolizes the spirit of the celebrations. Spring You couldn’t choose a better season than spring to add poignancy to your […]

Etiquette On Sending Wedding Gifts

Wedding is a time of joy for the couple, parents, family, friends, and even for the colleagues and acquaintances who are invited to attend the ceremony and reception. In order to celebrate the wedding everyone who attends traditionally will send or bring a gift. We all know when a gift is given it is usually […]

Fifteen Things You Need to Do Long Before Your Wedding to Design Your Own Flowers

 If you have decided on do it yourself wedding flowers, there is a schedule that you should follow to stay on top of things to keep everything running smoothly.  There are different things that you can easily do well ahead of your wedding day. Three to Six Months Before Your Wedding Visit a florist of […]

Casual and Modern Ways to Word Wedding Invitations

If the idea of traditional wedding invitation wording clashes with your need for self-expression and the ability to invite guests in your own words, then read on for casual and modern ways to word your invitations that will not only give you the freedom to exhibit your personality, but will still accomplish all that etiquette […]

Wedding Favors Will Turn Your Wedding in a Success

Article Introduction:The wedding ceremony indicates a sacred union between the bride and the groom and complementary to this, the wedding ceremony has to be a success. Basically, a wedding reception is where the married couple shares their happiness with close friends and family and at this point, it would be a wise idea to show […]

Introduction To Wedding Etiquette

People these days are thinking, does WEDDING ETIQUETTE still exist in our age wherein every rule that anybody can think of could be bent? In this rule defying age, it seems that WEDDING ETIQUETTE is just a thing of the past. But is WEDDING ETIQUETTE really now just part of history? I don’t think so. […]

Will You Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

by ChelseyArnal Write-up by TM Lung A lot of partners will consider employing a wedding planner. In simple fact a wedding planner can assist you in the selection producing in the course of your marriage ceremony organizing. Of course you do not just sit down and wait around for the planner to do every thing […]

Summer, Fall and Winter Wedding Favors – What Will You Choose?

When planning a spectacular wedding, of course, you want your guests to remember it for years. One thing that could help them remember your wedding is by giving them an ideal choice of wedding favors. Giving out wedding favors is an age-old tradition to thank the wedding guests, as well as to commemorate the occasion. […]