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List of Favorite Wedding Favors and Keepsakes

In a traditional wedding, favors and keepsakes are always included in the list of wedding accessories. And of course, it is always a challenge for couples to choose appropriate favors to accentuate their special celebration. To find appropriate wedding favors is not as easy as you think. First, you should consider the theme of the […]

Wedding Solutions’ Top Ideas to Go Green With Your Wedding

Wedding Solutions’ Top Ideas to Go Green with Your Wedding   The eco-chic wedding has grown in popularity over the past few years. Couples are looking to protect the environment by choosing organic and recyclable options, as well as offsetting the impact guests’ travel will have on the earth. Whereas weddings often mean “the […]

Your Wedding Colors

Dreaming about your wedding is one thing; planning it is another. From wedding dresses to cakes and tuxedos to flowers – every aspect of your wedding must be carefully planned to “fall in place” on the big day! If you’ve been to one wedding or several, you probably realize the importance of wedding colors. Everything […]

Las Vegas Wedding–Is getting married in Las Vegas tacky?

I’ll be straight, I did the deed in Las Vegas. But, quite frankly, I don’t consider myself of the shameful and despicable sort. And, I’m definitely not alone. Each year, more than 150,000 couples from all over the world travel to Las Vegas to tie the knot. Eloping to this gambling town has actually become […]

The Traditional Wedding: The Mother-In-Law Pleaser

You’re planning a traditional wedding, complete with a flowing white bridal gown, a handsome groom, a beautiful church, gorgeous wedding flowers, traditional vows – and a mother-in-law wanting her way. Planning a traditional wedding and dealing with your own mother is stressful enough as it is. Throw in a future mother-in-law with needs of her […]

Destination Weddings

Other wedding services also needed for the wedding day include ordering the wedding cake, getting the wedding flowers, purchasing a wedding dress for a bride and renting a tuxedo for the groom and then planning all of the wedding favours like centerpieces and bombonieres. With all of these wedding services being a burden on many […]

High End Destination Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is a concoction of an interesting profession and a highly creative venture that takes into account preserving the unforgettable moments of the golden times of an individual’s life. Wedding photography services would include the entire array from wedding announcement, engagement and ceremony to reception. Gone are the days of analog photos; technological advancement […]

Some Great Options for Cheap Wedding Favors

The latest statistics show that many couples in the U.S. spend on average around $20,000 for their wedding, including the dress, the tuxedos, the catering, transportation, and so many other things. For many, $20,000 is about half a year’s salary, and all of that for just one day! Yes, it may be the most special […]

Important things to know for Wedding on Rhodes Island, Greece

For celebrating a cultural and traditional wedding during your Rhodes Holidays, you will need to plan for some great Rhodes holidays ideas. As wedding always needs a big planning and when you are going to arrange wedding during holidays then there are some important things that you must be aware of and add up in […]

7 Great Ways to Use Orchids in Weddings

Orchids are the supreme tropical flowers for fragrance, beauty, and elegance. In the language of flowers, orchids symbolize rare beauty, love, and refinement. Maybe this is why wedding orchids are one of the most popular wedding flowers in the world today. The Bouquet Orchids can be used in a wedding in several ways.  One way […]