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Ideas for Your Wedding Favors

At weddings, you see everything with the flowers, dresses, decorations and the guests but the main thing you will see at weddings is the wedding favors. Now you might be wondering what wedding favors are and why you need them. Wedding favors are a small little gift for your guests. The guests get these little […]

The Wedding is Over – What Should You Do With All Those Flowers

Your big day is over. Everything went wonderfully. You looked beautiful, your groom was handsome, the flowers looked and smelled great, and the food was as tasty as you imagined it would be. You just have one little problem. What should you do with all of those once-gorgeous flowers? Rather than throw them in the […]

What Does Chicken Wire Have to Do With Wedding Flowers?

  When you make your own wedding flowers, you need to have something that will help hold your stems in place in your vase or container. One way of doing this is by using chicken wire, which can be purchased from large hardware or farm supply stores and will be galvanized. If you have the […]

Are Your Wedding Flowers in Scale With Each Other?

  A scale is something that measures an object in comparison to something else.  A flower, leaf or container is only large or small when it is compared to something else.  The elements of a wedding bouquet or arrangement need to be in scale with each other.  The bouquet or arrangement also needs to be […]

How One Bride’s Wedding Plans Took Shape Plus Her Notes of Their Great Wedding Day

Marriage is between a man and a woman, period. Wedding , relations, and anything of that nature has always struck me as something holy, something special, something that I would wish to remember for the rest of my life. Wedding Planning Get that right and the rest follows. I like the wedding dress to be […]

How to budget for your Wedding Favors

When it comes to working out how much your wedding favors will cost you in total, you could be excused for thinking only NASA could work out this one! When you first draw up your wedding budget you will probably have a section dedicated to your favors into which you are somehow supposed to apply […]

Creating a Wedding Planning Timetable

Planning a wedding is a huge task and you’ll want to ensure that everything is perfect as it is also one of the biggest days of your life. In this article we will talk about a wedding planning timetable to help make sure that everything runs smoothly. Before you read the timetable it is important […]

Choosing the Right Wedding Cake Design

The bride and the groom are of course the center of attention in any wedding. Even so, you would want to have the right decorative touch to make your photo and video souvenirs worth looking at. Part of your wedding design plan is your wedding cake design. The wedding cake design will always be the […]

Great Wedding Invitations

by ianhun2009 Article by Clifford S. Magno We are all utilised to getting or sending wedding ceremony invitations: besides the communication of essential details about the marriage ceremony, the invitations are a way of relating to dear ones. Usually, marriage ceremony invitations are mailed at least six weeks just before the ceremony, and they generally […]

Are you planning a wedding?

by Spinstah Report by Jim Cherry Arranging your marriage ceremony can be a whole lot of fun. It can also be very stressful and quite expensive. You can spend a whole lot time selecting out even the smallest points this sort of as your napkins. This is not to mention the quantity of time that […]