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The Role Of Flowers In Weddings

Hundreds of colors and thousands of choices. Flowers may be simply be made up of carpels and stamens but last thing in the mind of a woman in preparing for her wedding day is simple. When the budget is available, an esteemed florist is attached to the decorating army not only for the chapel and […]

Choosing Wedding accessories

When you think of planning a wedding, you think about the big things such as the dresses, music and where everything will take place. Well there is much more to planning a wedding then just the big things. You also have to sit down and figure out all the small little wedding accessories that come […]

Flower Girl Baskets

There are certain things that everyone really expects to see at your wedding ceremony and at the reception too just because there are traditions and practices that have become staple marks of this type of celebration. One of the cutest and most loved traditions is the little flower girl and ring bearer that walk down […]

Wedding Planning – a Fall Festival Wedding

The seasons have changed from spring to summer, and now the lovely fall has arrived. The greens change to different shades of browns, oranges and golds and the wind starts to pick up sending chills down your spine but not enough to chill your bones. If you live where the heat never seems to die […]

Dream Wedding Plans – But Who Pays?

There’s no two ways about it: weddings are expensive. Paying for every detail is enough to drain any family’s financial coffers and – even worse – leave them wrestling with debt. Especially for new couples paying their own way during the wedding, the expenses quickly add up. The following is a traditional guide to dividing […]

Fabulously Stunning Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Copyright (c) 2010 FNS Weddings Planning a wedding is never easy – like a jigsaw all the pieces need to fall in together to make the complete picture. The wedding flowers often form not only the beautiful background to that picture but also part of the centrepiece itself and so it is important that they […]

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts For a More Complete Wedding Plan

Okay, your wedding planning is nearly finished. You have shopped until you dropped for apparel, flowers, jewelry, guest books, pens, favors and so much more. Your head is spinning! And just when you think you’re finished planning for your wedding, it comes time to plan for your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. What? Planning for […]

Themed Wedding With Monograms

Ah, a craze that’s really been embraced over the last few years. Monograms embrace the idea of unity as two couples initials are intertwined — and become one. In addition, monograms provide an elegant reminder of your new lives as man and wife. Brides can employ monograms prior to, during, and after the wedding reception. […]

Wedding Flower Girl Baskets

Filled with nervous excitement and anticipation, a beautiful little princess stands at the head of the aisle waiting to make her big debut. You may be thinking of the bride but this little doll would be the flower girl. She will be the one that fidgets and squirms but still manages to make everyone in […]

Wedding Planning Terms You Need to Know

To a novice, planning a wedding can feel like stepping into a strange new world. Not only is it the biggest event that most of us will ever organize, there is a whole special lingo associated with weddings. Get up to speed quickly with this wedding resource of wedding planning terms you need to know. […]