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Have The Perfect Wedding With This Information

Many people put all their effort and time into wedding preparations. So, if you are about to plan your wedding, be sure to read the following advice. TIP! Bear in mind the cost of the alcohol that you will be serving at your wedding, and try to find one that is cost efficient. Keeping an […]

Have You Thought About Being A Wedding Planner?

The wedding business is booming! Every year, almost 2.5 million couples tie the knot in the United States, spending an average of $20,000 a couple — making it a $72 billion industry. Planning and organizing a wedding is still a major undertaking and many couples simply don’t have the time to devote to it — […]

Becoming A Wedding Planner Is No Easy Task

Becoming a wedding planner is no easy task.  It may look easy because the course you have to take in order to become one is just as long as black jack dealing school or bartending school.  Neither of these professions are as easy as they look either, but wedding planning, I think most everyone would […]

The Wedding Planner – Don’t Go Without One!

You may take a wedding planner for granted much in the same way you overlook the importance of brushing your teeth after every meal or having good car insurance. You may even regard a wedding planner as an unnecessary luxury. Well, if you are planning to get married and want to hold onto your sanity, […]

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A wedding ceremony involves more than simply marrying the person you love. The perfect wedding is an elegant ballet of order and chaos, and items such as wedding favours, wedding hairstyles, and wedding music must be kept in perfect order, or the entire wedding can be thrown off-kilter. Whether the bride is an environmentalist seeking […]

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is someone who helps couples in planning a wedding if they do not have time enough or if they need assistance in planning their wedding. A wedding planner will assist with either the entire wedding or just some particular part of the wedding. This can be either the selection of the venue […]

To Choose A Wedding Planner Or Not To Choose A Wedding Planner

When you consider the amount of money, time & effort you are about to expend on your wedding, it is important not to conduct your wedding planning in a haphazard manner. But many couples will do just that. Hiring vendors left, right & centre without any thing in writing, no contracts & no firm instructions […]

Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Las Vegas Wedding?

Okay, so you are still teary-eyed after saying yes to your boyfriend’s proposal to live happily ever after. What next? It’s time to get your feet on the ground and plan your dream wedding. Somehow, everything comes into focus and you start to panic. “So where do I start?” you ask yourself. For first […]

Pros abd Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Most people know what a wedding planner is but not everyone understands what they do. Well not really. We all know they are there to help the bride. But how do they help exactly, what is their role in wedding planning? Planners are usually hired right after the couple become engaged or soon thereafter. Many […]

How much does a professional wedding planner cost?

Once you decide about the budget of your wedding, you need to consult with any professional wedding planner who could make all the arrangements within your said budget and provide you best services. To finalize any wedding planner first you need to get the list of services that the wedding planner company is providing, cost […]