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Wedding Favors Ideas

There aren’t many weddings these days where the tradition of giving wedding favors is not followed. Guests arrive at the reception & take their places at their tables, only to be greeted by a cute little package sitting on their place setting. However in recent years, placing favors at guest’s table settings has been dismissed […]

Why Buy Your Wedding Favors

Favors have been around for a long time but they have never been as easy as they are now to purchase. There are many stores selling wedding favors and there are even more online stores that offer low price high quality wedding favors. A wedding favor is a small gift that the bride and groom […]

Ideas for Your Wedding Favors

At weddings, you see everything with the flowers, dresses, decorations and the guests but the main thing you will see at weddings is the wedding favors. Now you might be wondering what wedding favors are and why you need them. Wedding favors are a small little gift for your guests. The guests get these little […]

Wedding Favor From The Past And Today

Hundreds of years ago the upper class people started to give wedding favors to their guests, this started a tradition that continues today. Some people prefer the traditional gift, the fun and humorous, or the romantic reflecting the bride and groom themselves. Traditional items include things like ornate bottle-stoppers, cake servers, and serving spoons. The […]

Wedding Favors: How to Set Your Budget

It is a fact that the majority of brides will have to curb their enthusiasm & accept that their wedding budget just won’t stretch to everything they want! This includes wedding favors. Whilst you may think that these little gifts won’t cost much, you may be surprised when you reach the checkout to find that […]

How to Budget for Wedding Favors

It is as important to set a budget for your wedding favors as much as it is for your wedding dress & your flowers. Those darling little gifts have a way of sucking you in & before you know it you have spent the equivalent of your wedding dress on candles, chocolates, boxes, ribbons & […]

Planning your Wedding Favours

by Laura4Smith As your massive day approaches, your wedding ceremony and the plans for it will most probable consume your ideas. Your interest will transfer away from the daily life you as a couple are hoping for, to the real day. There are the apparel, the folks involved in the wedding ceremony get together, the […]

Destination Wedding Favors

In recent years there has been a surge in the number of couples booking destination weddings. Broadly speaking a destination wedding takes place away from the couple’s usual place of residence & often overseas. The typical view of a destination wedding is one taking place on a beach in an exotic climate, but more & […]