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Writing a Great Flower Note Card

You stare at that tiny card and stress over what to write. Should you be witty? Just sign your name? Simply say, “Congrats!”? It can be really confusing to know just what to put on a flower note card to be included with the bunch of flowers that you`re giving to someone. Those flower note […]

Adding a Great Touch to Candy Wedding Favor

Wedding favors has grown to be fashionable and many great ideas kept popping up with candy wedding favor remains a very well liked one. It actually started off as a form of thank you to guests who attended the matrimonial of couple. Bride and groom favor novelty ideas to make their wedding unique and candies […]

Great Ways to Accessorize a Flower Girl Dress

No member of your bridal party will draw the same reaction as its youngest member. Regardless of age or behavior, the flower girl is sure to draw lots of attention. This makes it very important that she look her best. Luckily, there are numerous great ways to accessorize a flower girl dress. <i><b>Headpieces</i></b> Deciding what […]

Some Great Options for Cheap Wedding Favors

The latest statistics show that many couples in the U.S. spend on average around $20,000 for their wedding, including the dress, the tuxedos, the catering, transportation, and so many other things. For many, $20,000 is about half a year’s salary, and all of that for just one day! Yes, it may be the most special […]

Learn How to Choose a Flower Wedding Centerpiece – Find Great Floral Ideas

One of the most important things that you will be choosing for your wedding is your floral centerpiece. Flowers can be an expensive part of your wedding and if you are looking to save money there many tips that can help you out. The first thing you want to do when choosing a floral design […]

3 Great Options for Cheap Wedding Favors

Weddings today can cost literally tens of thousands of dollars for even just the most basic ceremony and reception. By the time the couple and their families are done paying for the clothes, the food, the cake, the limos, the photographers, the music, and all the other details too numerous to mention here, it’s no […]

How to Throw a Great Wedding on a Budget

Everyone knows that weddings can be very expensive events but you can easily cut the costs of your wedding by carefully planning out a few details. Considering that an average, full wedding and reception can cost between $10,000 and $20,000, it is easy to see why most couples these days are looking for clever ways […]

7 Great Ways to Use Orchids in Weddings

Orchids are the supreme tropical flowers for fragrance, beauty, and elegance. In the language of flowers, orchids symbolize rare beauty, love, and refinement. Maybe this is why wedding orchids are one of the most popular wedding flowers in the world today. The Bouquet Orchids can be used in a wedding in several ways.  One way […]

Find Great Flower Wedding Centerpieces – Find Flowers For Your Wedding

When looking for flowers for your wedding there are a lot of choices that you will have.  The first thing that you want to do is set a budget for you start your search.  It is a good idea to start with a florist so that you can get an idea of what your budget […]

Great Wedding Surprises Comes in Chic Small Packages

Wedding planning can be among the most nerve racking and demanding work experiences in the life of a new bride. It becomes a very big shame for the bride that they do not enjoy the process of planning the wedding because they find it very difficult and tiring. It becomes a bothersome work for them […]