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Choosing Season Themed Wedding Favors

Depending on when you’re celebrating your big day, you can choose from season themed wedding favors for added charm. The whole point of choosing such favors is so guests can take home something that symbolizes the spirit of the celebrations. Spring You couldn’t choose a better season than spring to add poignancy to your […]

Edible Favors: Chocolate Wedding Favor Idea

Chocolate wedding favors have been used by traditional weddings to thank and appreciate guest’s support. This idea started with upper class people, who are wealthy enough to have elegant gifts to give for their guests. Usually, chocolate favors are placed inside a decorative box or designed with crystal, metals and porcelain including precious gemstones. These […]

The Significance of Memorable Wedding Favours

To those who may not be aware of the significance of wedding favours, they are those little, keepsakes or mementos, given as a gesture of thanks to all wedding guests by the newlyweds. Although, not really necessary, wedding favours have now become very popular and a must have item for any theme-orientated, wedding today. Wedding […]

Light Up Your Event With Candle Wedding Favors

Candles are a popular favor at weddings for several reasons. They are available in all price ranges, most people find them practical, and they come in a wide selection of colors, scents, themes, and designs. Candle wedding favors can also be integrated into the decorations for the reception, which helps to keep costs under control. […]