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Fall Wedding: How To Have A Budget Fall Wedding In The Recession

Weddings happen only once and for the lucky couple, it remains the most perfect frame of their lifetime. Here are some ways to organise a fall wedding keeping in mind the recession blues. Count On The Family Family comes first may not sound that clich├ęd in the times of recession. Take the help of your […]

Wedding Songs for a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choosing your wedding songs for your ceremony should be done wisely. Your choice of music throughout your wedding day is your own personal soundtrack and will set the tone and mood for you and your guests. Your wedding songs for your ceremony need to be appropriate to the occasion and for a traditional wedding ceremony […]

How to Choose Flower Girl Dresses for Your Special Day

Weddings are spectacular events filled with love, family and friends as well as beauty. Your aim for the day is for everything to be perfect; after all, this is the day that a bride has been waiting for, probably since she was a child. From flowers to the flower girl dress, one only hopes that […]

Have You Thought About Being A Wedding Planner?

The wedding business is booming! Every year, almost 2.5 million couples tie the knot in the United States, spending an average of $20,000 a couple — making it a $72 billion industry. Planning and organizing a wedding is still a major undertaking and many couples simply don’t have the time to devote to it — […]

London Wedding Venues?make Your Wedding Ceremony Memorable

London, the capital of United Kingdom is the largest metropolitan area. London has been part of many significant movements and occurrence throughout the past. Arranging the wedding celebration in London is a dream of every newly married pair. While it is to be considered a very out of the ordinary day for bride and the […]

The Best Trend For 2010 Weddings

Each year, there are trends in weddings. It may a color (think Tiffany blue), an accessory (chandeliers, anyone?), or a general approach (like eco-weddings). With the start of the New Year comes a new approach to wedding planning. The best trend for 2010 weddings is this: family oriented and genuine celebrations. Out is anything too […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Day Florist

Choosing a florist for your wedding may be a daunting task, but keep a few of these tips in mind to make the process less stressful. Choosing a florist is one of the many important decisions you will have to make over the course of planning your wedding. Flowers can be found everywhere on your […]

Tips for Perfect Wedding Destination/location!

There are many things to be considered when you make that big decision to tie the knot. One of the important aspects is choosing PERFECT WEDDING DESTINATION / LOCATION. Choosing the perfect location is an important step because it not only sets the scene and ambiance, but it also affects cost and convenience. Important […]

Planning Your Wedding Without Loosing Your Mind!

Planning Your Wedding without losing your Mind! Starting to plan a perfect wedding that reflects your personality is just the beginning. Understanding the meaning and the inspiration for a real wedding is just as important. First, it is recommended to start to plan a year in advance. Then you have the opportunity to search for […]

Etiquette On Sending Wedding Gifts

Wedding is a time of joy for the couple, parents, family, friends, and even for the colleagues and acquaintances who are invited to attend the ceremony and reception. In order to celebrate the wedding everyone who attends traditionally will send or bring a gift. We all know when a gift is given it is usually […]