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Sparkling Crystal Wedding Features

If you had been aahing and oohing about the current bridal gowns just revealed, you have definitely seen that sparkle and crystals are back in a big bang. The gown is the noticeable place to cue in that alluring shimmer; however it’s not the only wedding feature that can be created more glamorous with crystals. […]

Cake Knife And Server Set – Important Wedding Accessories

Often, in all the planning that goes into weddings, the cake, guests and wedding favors, brides forget the important cake knife. Though it is a very tiny part of the reception, it should still look elegant and stylish. After all, as you are cutting the cake, many pictures of you will be taken. You cake […]

Affordable Ideas for Flower Arrangement for Your Unique Wedding

When you are in the process of planning a wedding make sure that all aspects are covered. You might decide that you can do without some things, but most of the time you will want to make it work so that you can include everything in your wedding. If you are on a small budget, […]

Money Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding

Wedding comes in all shapes and sizes these days and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. There are several small things you can remember when planning that will have a big impact on the overall budget. • Consider the date and time of the wedding. The cost […]

Electronic Wedding Etiquette

It seems like every day one hears of new ways in which electronic communications are being used in appalling ways related to weddings. As technology evolves, etiquette comes along for the ride to ensure that brides and grooms know how to graciously comport themselves in any situation. This is the latest electronic wedding etiquette, including […]

Sparkle Is In For 2010 Weddings!

Brides have always adored sparkle! The shimmer, the shine, the dazzling brilliance of crystals just does so much to enhance the elegance and glamor of a bride and her wedding. If you count yourself among the many brides who love all things sparkly, you are in luck, because serious sparkle is seriously in style for […]

Bridal Flower Arrangements – 4 Basics for Designing Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet is the largest one in the bride’s entourage. However, this doesn’t mean that it must be gigantic. If you always prefer your bouquet to contain those tropic flowers dazzling to the eye and a garland which trails on forever accentuated by crystals that sparkle to the naked eye, then do so. All […]