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Celebrate your Marriage with the Perfect Fall Wedding

You may well ask, why should you go in for a fall wedding? Weddings are an occasion to be cherished for a lifetime. They are something that happen only once in a lifetime and are considered auspicious for obvious reasons. Arranging for a wedding at the right time and at the right place is very […]

Stylish and Slim Wedding Invitations to Celebrate a Slimmer You

One of the most popular reasons women cite for losing weight is their approaching nuptials. What better motivator could you have than trying to slim down so you look fit and stylish walking down the aisle in front of friends and family in a beautiful wedding dress? Men are jumping on this bandwagon as well, […]

Indian Wedding ? Celebrate This Lifetime Affair With True Indian Colors

The celebrations of Indian wedding are so engrossing and attractive that, even from the far end of the world, travelers arrive in India to bask in this eventful happening. Most of India weddings mark age-old traditions and huge spending. It is this reason why marriages in India have become attraction among the foreign tourists too. […]

Western Wedding Ideas to Celebrate the Occasion

Theme weddings seem to be increasing in popularity more and more each year and people are now looking for wilder and more outrageous ways to decorate and plan a wedding. One of the most popular wedding themes today is western weddings. People are looking to add a touch of the Wild West to their wedding. […]