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Fall Wedding: How To Have A Budget Fall Wedding In The Recession

Weddings happen only once and for the lucky couple, it remains the most perfect frame of their lifetime. Here are some ways to organise a fall wedding keeping in mind the recession blues. Count On The Family Family comes first may not sound that clichéd in the times of recession. Take the help of your […]

Have You Thought About Being A Wedding Planner?

The wedding business is booming! Every year, almost 2.5 million couples tie the knot in the United States, spending an average of $20,000 a couple — making it a $72 billion industry. Planning and organizing a wedding is still a major undertaking and many couples simply don’t have the time to devote to it — […]

Wedding Caterers – The Best There Is For The Most Important Day Of Your Life

There is no doubt that one of the most crucial parts of a wedding day – well certainly for the guests anyway – is the wedding food. Lunch or dinner, budget or expensive, the wedding breakfast (as it is traditionally called) is immensely important. And by implication therefore, your choice of wedding caterers is crucial. […]

To Choose A Wedding Planner Or Not To Choose A Wedding Planner

When you consider the amount of money, time & effort you are about to expend on your wedding, it is important not to conduct your wedding planning in a haphazard manner. But many couples will do just that. Hiring vendors left, right & centre without any thing in writing, no contracts & no firm instructions […]

The best wedding plan

Everyone wants to have a wedding that would be the envy of all. Planning a fairytale ceremony is not an easy task. Whether you are the wedding bride or groom, you will need to commit yourself to the whole things with all your being. For a marriage ceremony to be successful, there are many things […]

Life After the Wedding: Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Once the caterers have left, guests have said their goodbyes and the cake has been reduced to crumbs, it’s time for the most exciting part of the wedding – the honeymoon! Try not to stress about this part of the wedding – chances that you’ve already stressed yourself out to the max during the wedding […]

All about Wedding Planning and Wedding Planners

Many people want their wedding day to be perfect so that they and all of their guests will remember it forever. They would like every last detail to merge together in a way that creates an unforgettable and almost magical experience. It takes great organizational skill and experience to organize such a fantastic wedding. You […]

Wedding Venues – Tips to Choosing a Great Venue

  In order to make your decision on your wedding venue, there are lots of things that you should take into consideration. You need to do some research, as well as interviewing each and every wedding venue.   Some of the important information in choosing your wedding venue that you need to […]

How to Plan a Low Budget Wedding

Whether it be due to the economy or just the fact that you do not want to overspend, if you are planning a wedding on a budget then you are sure to want to be able to achieve the wedding you hope for without breaking that budget. The good news is you can do it. […]

Wedding Planning Programs: Making Its Way to Possibly Dominate the Education Sector

Enrolling in a school for wedding planning courses must have been unimaginable a decade ago, much less a wedding planner to be a profession. The increasing number of weddings all around the world, which is proportional to the expenditure cost spending per marriage, changed this customary view. Around 2.1 million wedding ceremonies were held in […]