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How to Plan a Wedding on the Web

Planning your wedding can be an exhausting job especially if both you and your fiancĂ© are working full time. The big day is getting closer, and you still need a lot of details to figure out. You’re getting a bit nervous and completely stressed out. It seems that everything is not working out the way […]

Just Right Wedding Options

As they say it is not the gift that counts but the thought behind the gift that is more important. Give your gifts with thoughtfulness and consideration Choosing a Unique Wedding Gift or Bridesmaid Favors, Wedding Planning can be quite stressful. Getting the great dress and an appetizing wedding cake can be enjoyable and electrifying. But, […]

Honeymoon Ideas to Inspire You

Honeymoons are more often than not an afterthought to the planning of the wedding itself, when, as far as memories go, they are just as significant as your day in church. It’s an occasion which you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so give careful consideration to honeymoon locations and honeymoon ideas. First decide […]