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Wedding Advice You Will Benefit From Knowing

Once a couple decides to marry, the next big question is how to plan the wedding day. It is marvelous to have all your friends and relations attend your wedding, but it can also be a great deal of work. Here are some tips to make sure your wedding goes well. TIP! Have your wedding […]

Gift Ideas for Wedding Gifts

Weddings in India have special significance and are symbolic of a life time bond between two people.  It is just not the alliance of bride and groom but the union of families, friends and relatives.  Indians weddings are elaborate and memorable affairs not to be missed. At such occasions we are often left wondering the […]

Wedding Decorating

As a wedding planner and wedding cake decorator, my motivation is to bring to you wedding elegance and glamour within a budget.With time and patience this can and has been done. If you are not up for the challenge, then hire a wedding planner. Your wedding day, including your wedding reception, and wedding ceremony, will […]

Modern Wedding Customs and Traditions in Western

Before the Wedding   In the west, if the couple of lovers going to marriage, firstly the boy should proposed, and the boy should present an engagement ring to his girl. So when people referred “he gave her a ring”, it commonly means”He proposed to her, she accepted, and they are now engaged”. Then the […]

LEt’s Hear It For The Wedding Chocolate Favors

Belgian chocolate is one of the best chocolates in the world. But then again it doesn’t have to be belgium chocolate to create a mouth watering effect to those people who crave for sweets. Wedding Chocolates are simply a quality choice as a wedding favor. But then, chocolates are not just a token given to […]

Bengali Wedding Ceremony

Marriages are made in heaven, as the proverb goes. Marriage is considered to be an auspicious ceremony in any culture and it gets special importance in Bengali culture.The Bengalis celebrate this pious occasion with a whole set of rituals as the couple starts a new journey hand in hand.Two people start a new journey sharing […]

Adding a Great Touch to Candy Wedding Favor

Wedding favors has grown to be fashionable and many great ideas kept popping up with candy wedding favor remains a very well liked one. It actually started off as a form of thank you to guests who attended the matrimonial of couple. Bride and groom favor novelty ideas to make their wedding unique and candies […]

Guide to the Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

The wedding service in the Greek Orthodox faith is an ancient and beautiful ceremony, which has been celebrated in its current form for centuries. The wedding ceremony is full of symbolism and is a great experience if you have never attended one before, because it is likely to be quite different from other weddings you […]

How Indian Weddings Are Celebrated

In India, many different cultures and religions exist. Though India is very cosmopolitan in outlook, there is a certain ritualistic difference in each religion. The weddings also vary in each part of the state. Indian weddings have been greatly influenced by the effects of migration and modernization. One thing which is common in all religions […]

Wedding Ceremony Idea

The most important part of a wedding is the official wedding ceremony.For many couples and their families the ceremony should reflect their dreams, expectations and values. When the bride arrives at the ceremony in her white wedding dress, while the groom is waiting for her, the room is full of anticipation. The etiquette of a […]