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Choosing Season Themed Wedding Favors

Depending on when you’re celebrating your big day, you can choose from season themed wedding favors for added charm. The whole point of choosing such favors is so guests can take home something that symbolizes the spirit of the celebrations. Spring You couldn’t choose a better season than spring to add poignancy to your […]

Wedding Favors ? the Finishing Touch

Wedding party favors are small tokens of appreciation that are given to guests who attend a wedding. This very old tradition started out as a gift of sugar cubes presented in a small crystal or porcelain trinket box, which was supposed to symbolise royalty and wealth. These were known as “Bonbonniere” and were exclusive to […]

Romantic Wedding Favors

It stands to reason that love and romance are associated with weddings. After all that is what the day is all about. So it is little wonder that a wedding with a love and romance theme is a popular choice amongst couples. So if you are choosing this theme for your wedding, here are a […]

Wedding Favor From The Past And Today

Hundreds of years ago the upper class people started to give wedding favors to their guests, this started a tradition that continues today. Some people prefer the traditional gift, the fun and humorous, or the romantic reflecting the bride and groom themselves. Traditional items include things like ornate bottle-stoppers, cake servers, and serving spoons. The […]

Why Choose Chocolate Wedding Favors?

Most brides want to find just the perfect set of wedding favors for their own reception, as they know that this is one aspect of their event that will be remembered forever – after all, this is the one thing that guests will be taking home with them! Choosing chocolate wedding favors has become […]

Adorable Beach Wedding Favors for your Guests

Planning a wedding on a beach? Enjoy the feeling of sand in your toes, and the sound of the waves as you walk down the aisle? If that is the case, then you are going to need some awesome beach favors to give to your guests! There are many adorable beach themed favors that won’t […]

5 Common Wedding Favors to Avoid!

Making a choice for wedding favors can be a difficult task for some brides, because after all, they want something that’s beautiful, that will express their own personal style, that their guests will appreciate, and that won’t break the budget! This can be a pretty tall order for one little set of wedding favors! […]

The Etiquette of Wedding Favors

Since the 13th century brides have given wedding favors to their wedding guests as a token of thanks for sharing such a special day. Traditionally favors would have sugar cubes or some other delicate confection, given in a small decorative box or luxurious fabric wrap. Today wedding favors are no less elegant but are rather […]

Give Thanks with Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a small gift given to each of your guests to thank them for joining you on your wedding day. They don’t need to be elaborate or expensive, but simply an item that will convey your appreciation & which can be treated as memento of your wedding by your guests. Wedding favors should […]

Adding a Personal Touch to Store-bought Wedding Favors

If you’re a bride-to-be and have found what you think are just the right wedding favors for your reception, then you’re to be congratulated. Many brides take hours and hours to sift through literally hundreds of choices, and are so overwhelmed that they may feel as if they’ll never make a decision! But when […]