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Asian Wedding Traditions – Add Culture to Make the Wedding Day Memorable

As we all know wedding is the most auspicious event that a human want to experience during his/her lifetime. Getting married is all about sharing your thoughts and emotions with your beloved ones. Therefore, everyone wants to make this awesome occasion meaningful. Wedding is such an event where people want to spend good amount of […]

Do-It-Yourself Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Homemade simple wedding centerpieces range from floating candles within the water of a decorative bowl to a cleverly organized basket of seasonal fruit and flowers to a extra complicated floral arrangement. Brides and grooms attempt to save cash on their weddings however they can. This implies performing some aspects of a marriage on their very […]

Great Wedding Surprises Comes in Chic Small Packages

Wedding planning can be among the most nerve racking and demanding work experiences in the life of a new bride. It becomes a very big shame for the bride that they do not enjoy the process of planning the wedding because they find it very difficult and tiring. It becomes a bothersome work for them […]

How To Get The Best wedding ceremony Flower Bouquets?

Since time immemorial, people from different cultural backgrounds and countries have used flowers for their wedding. The flowers at your wedding will reflect your personality and character, so choose the flowers for the table, button holes and bridal bouquets that symbolise your feelings about your relationship. Flowers are extensively used in form of wedding flower […]

To Choose A Wedding Planner Or Not To Choose A Wedding Planner

When you consider the amount of money, time & effort you are about to expend on your wedding, it is important not to conduct your wedding planning in a haphazard manner. But many couples will do just that. Hiring vendors left, right & centre without any thing in writing, no contracts & no firm instructions […]

Ideas For Wedding Favors – Setting Budget Limits For Wedding Favors

Setting financial limits on the amount of money you spend on wedding favors is certainly going to be a strenuous task. Many couples estimate in an erroneous fashion how much money they will need to purchase the wedding favors and therefore, they end up paying more than they had planned to. Part of the problem […]

Low Cost Wedding Ideas Online Planning a Low Cost Wedding Online to Save Time

The average cost of weddings in the UK is about £16,000 [link to], here is how I planned my wedding for less than £4000. Low Cost Wedding Dress Ideas – Online Many websites offer discount prices on new and used bridal gowns. Purchasing a dress without trying it on first may […]

Wedding Planning Steps That You Should Take

There are a lot of things you will need to do after you have engaged. You will need to spend a lot of time on planning your wedding. As a matter of fact, a lot of brides and grooms do not really know the steps to plan for the event. Here are some essential tips […]

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress and Gown

Every bride would want to look their best during their wedding. It is with such purpose that many brides will go to any length to get the appropriate wedding dress and wedding gown befitting this occasion. The fact that the bride is the centre of attention at many a wedding serves to increase the pressure […]

Choosing the Right Wedding Stationary

One of the largest expenses while getting married is the wedding stationary. You can spend a rather large amount of money on your wedding stationary if you have the funds. Many people view the wedding stationary as a highly important part of the wedding process. They see the wedding stationary as your first chance to […]