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Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Las Vegas Wedding?

Okay, so you are still teary-eyed after saying yes to your boyfriend’s proposal to live happily ever after. What next? It’s time to get your feet on the ground and plan your dream wedding. Somehow, everything comes into focus and you start to panic. “So where do I start?” you ask yourself. For first […]

Do You Want To Have A Perfect Wedding?

Every couple would like to have a perfect wedding. In fact, wedding should be one of the most important events in our lives. In this article, the way to plan a perfect wedding will be discussed. Plan your wedding as early as possible You have to start planning for your wedding once you decide to […]

How to Talk to Your Family About a Destination Jamaica Wedding

Are you planning a wedding? Whether you just got started or have been in the planning stages for months, a destination wedding in Jamaica may sound like the best way to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams. If you decide on a destination wedding in Jamaica, you may be curious how to discuss your […]

Pros abd Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Most people know what a wedding planner is but not everyone understands what they do. Well not really. We all know they are there to help the bride. But how do they help exactly, what is their role in wedding planning? Planners are usually hired right after the couple become engaged or soon thereafter. Many […]

Secrets Revealed – Plan A Wedding On A Budget

The final decision in your love is holding a wedding. Wedding planning is a stressful time and the bride and groom can affirm to it. It takes a lot of effort, time and lots of money as well. Beginning a new life together is the first step. It is said that Marriages are made […]

10 Secrets to a Successful Stress-Free Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day in a your life, and yet for many, just getting there in one piece is harder than fitting stilettos on an elephant. Why is it so difficult? The biggest problem is stress and how the interplay of all the different participants at your wedding adds […]

Maintaining Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding

Not long ago, I went to my hometown to help my mother and my sister with the final planning for my Sister’s wedding. About five days before the wedding, we were running errands and my sister turned to me and said that she has resigned to the fact that she probably will be too preoccupied […]

Tips in Planning a Beach Wedding in Canada

Canada is blessed with its natural beauty that makes it a popular destination for couples looking for a place to have a wedding filled with the aura of romance. Canada with its rocky banks, snow-covered mountains and lush green mounts is almost a dream setting for a romantic wedding. Canada too has some of the […]

How to Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy job and requires an ample amount of time before the wedding. A marriage requires appropriate planning and a variety of jobs to be undertaken by various members of the family to accomplish all tasks pertaining to the wedding in a faultless manner. Planning a wedding and doing all […]

Planning Your Own Wedding – Getting Started Planning Your Own Wedding

Now that you and your fiance are engaged to be married, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. Don’t worry though…planning your own wedding is no big deal. You just need to take each choice one at a time, make informed decisions, and be careful not to overspend. Doing so will allow you […]