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Wedding Dresses – What To Wear

You have begun to plan your wedding and you want your wedding to be special and unique to your and your future spouse. There are traditions and superstitions that have grown around the wedding ceremony, the bride, and what the bride wears in particular. Let’s take a look at some of them. Q. Does the […]

Weddings ? the Special Day of Life?s Calendar There are several special events in one’s life – birthdays, graduation and more, but none can come close to that extra special, occasion, a wedding. This is an occasion when two hearts, minds and souls unite in an eternal commitment of love, a feeling so excruciatingly pleasurable which makes weddings the once in […]

Wedding Necklace

The graceful beauty of a >wedding necklace has fascinated brides for centuries. It is hard to find jewellery that is as gorgeous and elegant for a bride to wear on her wedding day as pearl bridal jewellery. There is something pure and incredible about the colour of pearls that make them perfect for any woman. […]

Music For Different Wedding Ceremonies

Nuptial ceremonies in many cultures are a colorful affair marking a very special occasion. It varies from place to place with traditional colorful African chants and dances to Modern Mississauga or Toronto weddings with Toronto DJs or Mississauga DJs. For Toronto nuptials, instrumental or vocal music can be performed at rehearsal dinners, wedding rehearsals as […]

Wedding Music Ideas by Dj Babylon

Wedding music refers to the collection of instrumental and vocal tunes, songs or melodies usually performed at rehearsals, actual ceremonies and post nuptial feasts. Like other nuptials, every stage of a Toronto wedding incorporates a type of music tailored to fit with the occasion. For a systematic performance, one needs the work of a wedding […]

Dressing For Tradition: Wedding Dresses Superstitions

There are many superstitious beliefs attached to weddings. And this is not only true to the wedding ceremony itself; some superstitions travel as far back as wedding preparation. Yes, you can claim to be a 21st-century individual and you can contend that superstitions would no longer apply these days. However, your parents, your groom’s parents, […]

A Look into Designer Sarees

A saree is a traditional Indian costume. But with time the styles and designs of saree have changed. Carrying a saree of 6 ft is not an easy task. However a lady wearing a saree exudes a different charm.

Wedding Dresses for Traditional Ceremonies

This breathtaking Mikado gown is all the rage among traditional brides. The specially-designed bodice and chic, fit-and-flare skirt are incredibly slimming, and show off all the right curves.

Now You Can Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Shape

Those who design wedding dresses make it their life’s work to see that brides look their best on their wedding days. In no other industry is so much thought put into making the buyer look and feel so special.  And knowing that brides come in all shapes and sizes, how do designers do this? They […]