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Knowing How Wedding Invitations Are Priced

Wedding etiquette dictates that your invitation show the type of wedding that you’re having. The more formal your wedding, the fancier or formal (and more costly) your wedding should be. Other than that rule of thumb, nonetheless, you are free regarding what to select. Your selection of invitations is going to come down to two […]

How to Achieve Success as a Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner involves more than just planning a wedding. You must understand the business aspect of your service and learn to manage your time to earn the most profits. You will be the face of your business and your own public relations representative. Every day you will have the opportunity to build — […]

Wedding Traditions Unveiled For Love

Weddings are that special occasion where two people come together to celebrate their love for one another. Yet, was it always this way? How did marriage come to be, and what is the meaning behind some of the many strange traditions observed today? We assume that marriage has always been a sanctimonious tradition; however marriage […]

How To Word Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation wording is something that many people struggle with when they get married. They don’t know whose names should be included in the invitation, if the date should be written or used numerically, or if they should put reception information on the envelope. It can seem like there are a thousand things to consider. […]

Wedding Planners: Tips to Grow Your Referrals

For wedding planners, personal referrals are one of the most effective ways to attract new business. After all, many of your customers will only use your services once. It’s so important that they tell their cousins, sisters, best friends, and waitresses about the amazing experience they had with you, their wedding consultant. When The Party’s […]

Asian Wedding Favours

If you are searching online and currently planning a Asian Wedding then you have found the right place for help and advice on choosing the right wedding favours for the special day. One of our most popular items purchased for Asian weddings are the wedding disposable cameras these are great for capturing special moments not […]

Wedding Party Planning: Excellent Things to do For A Wedding Party

If you’ve determined the venue, the catering business, the DJ (or the wedding band) and sent out your invites, you might think you have finished your planning: not really… The wedding night is a well-orchestrated occasion that has to keep visitors happy at all times. Not to be concerned though, you will find sufficient options […]

Wedding Invitations

At Beautiful Wedding Invitations we offer dozens of wedding invitations, cards, and favors in every imaginable style and theme, with an assortment of card stocks, including 100% cotton. And when you and your loved one set out to browse our huge selections, whatever you do…DON’T RUSH! That is…unless you’ve somehow managed to procrastinate this critical […]

Creating a Wedding Registry

You have likely already heard of the concept of a wedding registry and you may be wondering if you should make one or not. You may also be wondering how to make one without offending any guests attending your wedding ceremony. This is a relatively delicate planning process and it should be tended to with […]

The Best Budget Wedding Favors

In these difficult economic times couples are looking to save as money as they on their wedding preparations, which includes wedding favors. Whilst it is tempting to forgo the wedding favors and reallocate the budget elsewhere, it is generally frowned upon in wedding etiquette not to give favors and a percentage of your guests will […]