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Cake Knife And Server Set – Important Wedding Accessories

Often, in all the planning that goes into weddings, the cake, guests and wedding favors, brides forget the important cake knife. Though it is a very tiny part of the reception, it should still look elegant and stylish. After all, as you are cutting the cake, many pictures of you will be taken. You cake […]

Choosing Wedding accessories

When you think of planning a wedding, you think about the big things such as the dresses, music and where everything will take place. Well there is much more to planning a wedding then just the big things. You also have to sit down and figure out all the small little wedding accessories that come […]

Choosing Wedding Themes

The one day in a woman’s life that means everything to her is her dream wedding. Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful and precious day of her life. That means getting everything right and the way she wants it. Planning a wedding can be a very big weight to carry but […]

Ideas for Your Wedding Favors

At weddings, you see everything with the flowers, dresses, decorations and the guests but the main thing you will see at weddings is the wedding favors. Now you might be wondering what wedding favors are and why you need them. Wedding favors are a small little gift for your guests. The guests get these little […]

When Should the Wedding Cake be Cut?

When should the cake be cut? At a luncheon or a sit-down meal reception the cake should be cut just before dessert. At a cocktail reception serve the cake right after all the guests have been greeted. What type of knife do I use? It is best to use a ribbon-tied silver cake […]

Wedding Favors For Family And Friends – 4 Important Tips

Wedding favors are the perfect way to express gratitude on behalf of the couples towards their friends & family who graciously came to their wedding and made it a ceremony worth cherishing for life. These are the small tokens of their appreciation that the marrying couple gives out to their beloved on their wedding day. […]

Etiquette for Second Time Brides

With encore weddings (where one member of the couple has been married before) representing approximately 40 percent of all weddings today, it is time we reconsider tired, old etiquette rules, because most just don’t apply to the way we live today. According to a popular online second wedding guide, aptly named I Do Take Two, […]

Addressing Wedding Invitations – Etiquette For Addressing Formal Wedding Invitations

Depending on who you are sending a wedding invitation to, there are various etiquette rules for addressing the inner and outer envelope. The outside of the envelope is usually more formal than the inner envelope. The outer envelope uses the tile and full name of the invitee. Since the outer envelope is usually formal, how […]

Etiquette On Sending Wedding Gifts

Wedding is a time of joy for the couple, parents, family, friends, and even for the colleagues and acquaintances who are invited to attend the ceremony and reception. In order to celebrate the wedding everyone who attends traditionally will send or bring a gift. We all know when a gift is given it is usually […]

Etiquette For Your Wedding Shower Reception – Proper Way to Attend Wedding Shower If Not Invited to Wedding

When you begin planning your wedding, you will discover that there are a set of etiquette rules for each event prior to the actual wedding ceremony. Wedding shower etiquette is just one example. The etiquette for a wedding shower shows who is supposed to host your shower, what individuals should be invited and when it […]