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Wedding Reception – 5 Food Ideas to Please Wedding Guests

According to popular saying, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and funnily enough, it’s the same thing as well for wedding guests. If you want to have satisfaction guaranteed for all your guests, here are several wedding reception food ideas to make them too full to complain. 1. Wedding […]

Decorating for Wedding Reception Cash Saving Secrets

There are several things you can do when decorating for wedding reception to give your guests a beautiful experience and save money.  Here are some cash saving secrets to help you with your decorating. 1. Upgrade Anyone?  Did you know that signing a contract with wedding vendors is usually never final.  Most contracts you sign […]

Wedding Reception – 5 Favor Ideas to Wow your Guests

Choosing a wedding reception favor is an important decision because it’s responsible for creating a lasting impression of your wedding. Here are some favor ideas you can use to wow your guests. 1. Wedding Reception Favor Ideas for Out-of-Town Weddings If you’re having a wedding outside your hometown, you can give away a […]

Wedding Reception – 6 Decorating Ideas in a Budget

Imagination and resources are greatly challenged when you’re looking for wedding reception decorating ideas that work on a tight budget, but rest assured that they are indeed possible…if you take the time to think about it! 1. The first thing to keep in mind when looking for budget wedding reception decorating ideas is to […]

Los Angeles Wedding Reception

Your wedding is a once in a life time experience of the first day with your loved one and therefore should be organized to be as unique and memorable as possible. If you are planning a Los Angeles wedding reception, you have great choices of lush garden or colorful city surroundings. For instance, the Marine […]

Five Party Songs for Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is not meant to be anything less than a party and certain songs can insure that it is. If you want a rocking wedding reception that will be talked about for the next twenty years, then you better have some rocking music. Fortunately, there are a handful of tried and true wedding […]

How to choose music for a Wedding Reception

Choosing the right style of music When selecting a band for your wedding reception you should think about atmosphere. Do you want a party atmosphere for dancing or would you prefer more background music to allow more conversation? For the party atmosphere, most people like the band to play “a bit of everything” from the […]

Hawaii Wedding Reception

If you’re planning a Hawaii wedding reception, you can do it economically, and still have a gorgeous reception, whether you’re inviting 5 or 150 guests. Having your reception at a restaurant is what I recommend because it can be accomplished so easily. One of the best places to have a wedding reception in Hawaii […]

How To Plan Your Wedding Reception Music And Make Your Song Selections

Your wedding entertainment can really make or break the atmosphere of your reception. No other detail will command more influence over the behavior of your guests, so you should use this opportunity to elicit the behavior you desire. Thus, whether you want your guests dancing on the tabletops by night´s end or would rather keep […]

Wedding Reception Traditions

A country club makes the perfect setting for wedding receptions. Country club receptions offer a host of amenities not found in other locations, and they always do so in elegant style. If you are planning a wedding reception, you will want to ensure adding all of the wedding reception traditions that are popular and make […]