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Exotic Weddings in Tahiti

Wedding is perhaps the most important event in one’s life. Everyone loves to make his or her wedding a special and unique event. For those looking for an exotic as well as a romantic way to replenish your lifetime commitment, one of the best options would be to get married at Tahiti – the largest […]

Destination Weddings / Honeymoons ? St Barts

Destination Weddings are weddings that take place away from where the bride and groom live. They happen in some of the most exotic and wonderful places in the world. These types of non-traditional weddings provide the bride and groom with dreamy settings, while doubling as an opportunity for guests to experience a place they have […]

Pretty Bell Wedding Favors

Bells have become a great tradition at weddings and putting out some stunning bell favors will certainly add to the entertainment of your wedding. Whenever the guests want to see a loving kiss between the bride and groom they can ring these bells that you have placed at their seats for them to take home […]

Autumn Wedding Floral Arrangements

Flowers are symbols of eternal life in many different religions, cultures, and traditions. So why not bring them into your wedding to show everyone how you are now eternally bonded to your new spouse. Flowers used as decorations at your wedding will show everyone that you truly understand what it is to be in love […]

The Tradition of Wedding Favors

It is believed that the European aristocracy began the tradition of bestowing wedding favors upon all of their guests. They were called bonbonniere and consisted of small boxes of crystal or porcelain, which held delicate confections such as cubes of sugar, then considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and royalty. It was also believed that […]

Palladium Wedding Bands for Men

Old Meets New In Tacori Mens Wedding Rings Mens wedding rings by the craftspeople of the Tacorian family typify the expression “old wine in new bottles.” Palladium Wedding Bands and other fine pieces of wedding jewelry – which include palladium wedding bands, celtic knot engagement rings and more – combine tradition and contemporary style […]

White Wedding Gown?.the Ultimate Choice!

  The focal point of any wedding ceremony is the bride and as she walks down the aisle, all eyes turn to her and her wedding gown. It is the dream of every bride to get the most beautiful and elegant wedding gown available in the market and this is why all brides take […]

Plan Your Wedding in Vibrant City of New York

  Wedding is the most beautiful occasion and the most beautiful relationship between couples. Every couple has their own dreams regarding the venue where they want to get married. Venue can be anywhere, be it church, hotels, gardens and any other outdoor locations. The most essential thing while planning a wedding is that it […]

Civil Wedding Venues- Great Venue for Celebration

A wedding is a festivity that celebrates the inauguration of a marriage or civil union. Civilizations as well as customs show a discrepancy greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries and social classes. When talking about the wedding, the first thing that comes in mind is that it is a very special festivity. A wedding […]

Wedding Jewellery – Make it Special

If you have spent hours trying to choose the perfect wedding dress, then you will have to spend as much time or more to choose the wedding jewellery that matches with your dress. Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. You have to put careful thought into buying the […]