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Wedding Traditions From Around The World Explained

Many nationalities have their own wedding traditions. The people of Ireland have their own distinct traditions that make it easy to distinguish an Irish wedding from weddings of other cultures. The traditions include Claddagh rings, superstitions, a special toast, as well as kilts and bagpipes. The Claddagh ring has a special meaning in a traditional […]

Win Your Guests With Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding is a season of joy and excitement. Members of the family, close relatives and friends come together and share that excitement. It is the time for gourmet food, exorbitant attires, boisterous environment and the wedding favors. Wedding favors are the gifts of appreciation and gratitude by the groom and the bride on the day […]

Wedding Favors And You

Wedding favors have evolved throughout the ages. Wedding party favors in our time associate the traditional with the modern and elegant design with neat practicality. Here are some of the more popular customs in big day favors: In most wedding parties, the couple will offer some sort of modest favor as a note of appreciation […]

Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Favors Special?

Giving Wedding Gifts is a long standing tradition in most western and some eastern cultures. Wedding Gifts are a way of showing your love and appreciation for your guests and special people in your life. These days with so many choices for the Brides and the Grooms it is a big dilemma to find a […]

Unique Wedding Venues – Museums

Planning a wedding? Then you know how hard it is to find a venue for your reception. After awhile all those hotel banquet halls begin to look alike. Why not put your creative thinking cap on and expand your thinking? Why not try something unique? Why not try a museum? Museum Wedding Venues Many […]

Top Five Dream Holiday Wedding Destinations

If you’re getting married or know someone else who is, then you’re probably already aware of the fact that weddings are rather expensive nowadays. Whoever said that a marriage is easy probably didn’t have to sit down and plan his wedding. Even if it is a simple wedding held in a church and is followed […]

Wedding Favors: An Essential Part Of Any Wedding

Wedding favors are the small gifts given to guests who attend your wedding. They tend to be items guests can take home with them and serve both as a reminder of your special day as well as way of thanking them for attending and celebrating with you. With the incredible costs associated with weddings these […]

Indian Wedding Gowns- How to Select the Best One

Indian wedding gowns add a stylish touch to your wedding celebration. There is such an incredible amount of cultural and religious diversity in Indian sub-continent that the exact style of Indian wedding gowns vary from region to region. If you are like most women, you dreamed your wedding day since you were a little girl, […]

Find Men?s Wedding Bands Online

It is highly uncustomary for men to wear any piece of jewelry other than a watch. And many women tend to regard jewelry on amen as a sign of bad taste. Come your wedding day, you will probably be wearing the same watch, to which you can add a wedding band, and maybe a pair […]

Choose your Wedding

When we hear the word “wedding”, the first thing that comes to our minds is that it’s a very special celebration. A wedding ceremony symbolizes the union of two individuals who become bonded by marriage. Traditions and customs observed in weddings vary greatly between religions, cultures, social classes, countries and ethnic groups. Nowadays, there […]