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Choosing Season Themed Wedding Favors

Depending on when you’re celebrating your big day, you can choose from season themed wedding favors for added charm. The whole point of choosing such favors is so guests can take home something that symbolizes the spirit of the celebrations.


You couldn’t choose a better season than spring to add poignancy to your special moment. This after all is the time of hope and new beginnings, in itself the perfect theme for any wedding. The garden is a recurring theme when it comes to selecting spring wedding favors. Garden gift baskets in whimsical butterfly shapes filled with little packets of seed don’t just look pretty, but also blend in perfectly with the spring theme. Engraved and shiny polished Love Rocks encased in little wisps of organza are a unique way to spell romance on your special day. Besides these, you can’t go wrong with votive scented candles, flower stems in translucent holders, and scented soaps, all of which make the perfect takeaway gift for spring.


Come summer, and garden and beach weddings become all the rage. This gives you an almost endless possibility to play around with your wedding favors. For a beach wedding, choose from charming seashell placeholders, beach ball shaped bottle stoppers, and flip flop key chains. Magical mini lanterns on each table will set the mood for a summer evening. Frosted candles, ice cream scoops packed in their own gift boxes, and scented bath salts are all summer wedding favors that you just can’t go wrong with. Make sure your wedding d├ęcor echoes the summer theme.


While summer wedding favors can draw upon the clear blue skies and warm sunshine mood in their design, choosing fall wedding favors will require selecting from a dramatically different color palette. This is the season when moody reds and oranges come into play, a time of spellbinding sunsets that cast their spell on us, a season for crisp breezes and falling leaves. If you’re getting hitched in this season, your wedding favors should reflect the gorgeous colors of fall. Autumn’s iconic symbol, the maple leaf can be called upon to add some drama to your wedding. Choose from leaf shaped cookie cutters in their own pretty gift tins, maple leaf place holders and book marks and coasters. Colorful soap petals encased in their own translucent boxes are another fall idea that’s sure to have your guests talking long after the cake’s history!


A winter wedding doesn’t have to be a cold gloomy affair. With the right accents and lights your wedding can turn into an enchanting winter wonderland, and your winter wedding favors can help you set the mood! The vibrant colors of autumn won’t gel in a winter theme; the dominant mood here is white. Make liberal use of the classiness of white and the innocence of the snowflake to bring out accents in the simplest wedding favors. Snowflake bottle stoppers, coasters and candles are always safe choices for when you’re not sure if your guests will keep the favors as keepsakes or toss them in the trash on their way home!

Whatever the season, make sure to factor in the colors, fragrances and moods of the time while deciding on your wedding favors, and you’ll end up with mementos that’ll please the most hard to please guest.

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