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Bengali Wedding Ceremony

Marriages are made in heaven, as the proverb goes. Marriage is considered to be an auspicious ceremony in any culture and it gets special importance in Bengali culture.The Bengalis celebrate this pious occasion with a whole set of rituals as the couple starts a new journey hand in hand.Two people start a new journey sharing new responsibilities,outlooks,love and eternal partnership.Bengali bride and groom tie the knots for life.

Bengali marriages are a blend of tradition, custom and religious beliefs.It is an occasion when the entire family gather at one place and remain busy in making the arrangements.The scenario of togetherness can be seen in each and every corner.Each Bengali wedding whether simple or lavish is made interesting by colorful rituals.

Most of the wedding customs are performed by the women and it is aptly called “Stri Acahar”.A number of symbols are used in a Bengali marriage to signify purity,sanctity and various aspects of life.For example red is widely used as it is the color of love,emotion,luck and copulation.On the other hand black is not used as it is associated with hopelessness and evil.Banana trees,coconut and ‘ghat’ are used as symbol of child bearing.All the rituals are meant to guide the bride and groom to afruitful,happy and prosperous life.

In any Bengali wedding the rituals are strictly followed by both the families.It is very interesting to witness a Bengali marriage.Not only the wedding ceremony but there are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies.The couple is made to perform the rituals to overcome their reservations.The family members,relatives and friends pamper the Bengali bride and the Bengali groom to make them feel special.

A Bengali wedding ceremony can be divided in three distinct parts;the pre-wedding ceremonies,the wedding ceremonies and the post-wedding ceremonies.

The pre-wedding ceremonies include Ashirbaad,Aai Budo Bhaat, Dodhi Mongol and Gaye Holud. The first two ceremonies take place a few days before the wedding day.But Dodhi Mongol and Gaye Holud take place in the morning on the wedding day itself.The pre-wedding ceremonies symbolize that the couple and their families eagerly look forward to the special day.

A number of pre-wedding rituals have been set aside such as the families of the bride and groom exchange gifts beforemarriage.The bride and groom perform pujas and ask for the God’s blessing.The Bengalis have a special way of pampering the Bengali bride and groom before marriage.

The wedding rituals are very colorful.It starts from Bor Boron when the groom enters the bride’s house.This ritual is followed by Potto Bastra.The next ritual is Saat Paak.During this ritual the bride is brought to the Chadnatolla (where the wedding takes place).This is followed by a series of rituals including Subho Dristi,Mala Badal,Sampradan,Yagna,Saat Paak,Anjali and Sindoor Daan.

The post-wedding rituals are no less important than the pre-wedding and wedding rituals.A Bengali wedding is incomplete without these rituals.The post-wedding rituals include Bidaay,Kaal Ratri,Bou Bhaat and Phool Shojja.

A Bengali Wedding is a very delightful and auspicious occasion.

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