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Is a Destination Wedding Right For You? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Destination Wedding

Nowadays, destination weddings have become a popular choice for nuptials. More couples choose to move away from their hometown and get married in a whole new different setting. There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding. Many couples look at destination weddings as an opportunity to make their own rules for the wedding. They are taking advantage of celebrating the start of their new life together as well as enjoying a relaxing vacation away from home.

Like anything in life, destination weddings have its advantages and disadvantages. It is the couple’s decision if they want to have their dream wedding in an exotic place like Thailand or just a neighboring state like Phoenix, Arizona. Here are some pros and cons that will help you make up your mind if a destination wedding is really right for you.

• Advantages of destination weddings

The best reason to have a destination wedding is the flexibility of the wedding. The couple is able to make decisions based on what they want compared to a traditional wedding which oftentimes involves a lot of necessities. You are also able to save on flowers, rentals and professional services because destination wedding locations usually offer these services all in one place. If you are planning to hold your wedding in Arizona, a wedding photography Phoenix will be readily available for you.

Destination weddings also provide you with quality time with your closest friends and family. You will be able to spend time with them after the wedding because there are plenty of fun activities accessible in your wedding destination location. Some destination weddings take place in private islands or beaches where friends and family can go snorkeling, kayaking or simply frolic under the sun.

Destination weddings can help you save on money, time and effort. Many resorts offer inclusive rates that include air fare, suites and activities for the price of one. Some of them also offer full wedding planning so you will not need to worry about anything else.

• Disadvantages of destination weddings

If you are planning a destination wedding in a foreign country or another state, a few complications with marriage license may arise. Most countries have strict laws pertaining to weddings. Marriage ceremonies held in your destination wedding location may not be recognized legally at home.

Another problem for far-away locations is the possibility of some guests not being able to attend because of the travel expenses or difficulty of getting off work. Also older guests may not be able to take a trip so far away from home. This will definitely be a loss because you will not be able to spend your special day with the people who matter to you most.

Ultimately, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of having a destination wedding, it really depends on the couple if they still want to have one. The planning process in destination weddings like choosing the ceremony venue or hiring a wedding photography in Phoenix will not be an easy task but you just need to figure out your priorities and preferences. If you do decide to have a destination wedding, you should take careful considerations all the details and do a lot of planning and research. The earlier you begin planning for your wedding, the greater chance you will be able to have the perfect destination wedding you have been dreaming of.

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