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Pre Wedding Entertainment – Planning Your Activities With Your Friends And Family

Organizing activities that are to be held before the wedding is a little something that you can do to keep your guests entertained! If the wedding couple keep the guests’ long journey in mind, and retain the activities to a level that they can handle, the pre-wedding activities are sure to be a huge success.

While planning the wedding activities, there are some things that you must remember. Do many of your guests have children? Will the children participate in the activities, or do you want to arrange for childcare? If you are having elderly guests at the wedding, plan some activities that will suit their tastes too.

Some of the popular pre-wedding events are things including a group manicure. All female guests and close friends of the bride, and also men who enjoy hanging around with the ladies can head to a salon and get a manicure. Most women find this relaxing and it serves as a respite from the chaos and confusion of the wedding plans. Men may prefer to pay a game of golf or tennis as this is going on.

Most of the wedding couples plan out structured events as the pre-wedding activities for the guests. Suppose the wedding is to be held on Saturday night, the activity might be planned for Friday, especially when the guests are locals of the area. How about a wedding luau? Most of the time, pre-wedding events include bachelor and bachelorette bashes, but, for a change how about hosting a stag party that can involve members of the bride’s as well as the groom’s families? You can plan some exciting activities and later go to a nice restaurant for a fun filled evening. Make sure you keep the carousing and drinking within a limit because some family members may not be very comfortable with that.

Here’s a fun activity that you can have just before the wedding. Hand a gift basket to one of the guests. The theme of the gift basket is “advice for the newly weds” and it can be kick started by the maid of honor or the best man. Now, the basket is taken to a relative’s house, maybe a cousin or an aunt and is left at the doorstep. This person will add a gift (like a book with tips on how to maintain a happy marriage or a CD with romantic songs) and drops the gift basket at someone else’s place. This activity must be started atleast two weeks prior to the ceremony and all the guests must be informed well in advance.

This gift basket can be circulated even during the wedding weekend, but it works only if all the guests are local, and are informed about the event. In such a case, it would help if someone could drop off the basket at a person’s place, collect the gift and then take it to the next stop. This way, we can avoid troubling each person with the task of carrying it to the next location. Once the gift basket is full, one person can take responsibility of putting the items together and wrapping it up, so that it can be presented to the wedding couple. This basket may be delivered directly at the ceremony, as a gift in itself.

Whatever may be the activities that you plan, ensure that they suit your guests’ limitations. Make sure your activities suit everyone’s needs. If the event requires everyone’s participation, and you select golf, but your grandpa is using a walker, it is not a great activity to plan.

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