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Location For Wedding Activities – Pep Up Your Wedding With Interesting Themes

Location weddings are beginning to gain popularity as brides are becoming extra creative in their wedding plans. However, though this might reduce the number of guests at the wedding, it will create opportunities for some fun activities.

Some brides prefer a seaside wedding, so they shift their wedding festivities to their local beach, or to some rather exotic destinations like the Bahamas or Jamaica. There are many fun activities that may be planned based on this theme. Suppose the wedding is a weekend bash, the guests will hang around even after the wedding, so the bride may plan a sailing trip. You could hire a chartered boat, and give your guests some quality time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy themselves.

If you choose the Caribbean, the bride and groom could probably arrange for a free cooking demonstration, put up by a hotel or some local chef, to entertain the wedding guests. As most of the wedding food will be unlike the food they eat back at home, the guests might as well learn how it is prepared, as a fun activity.

Suppose you plan the wedding in Hawaii, which happens to be another popular choice. There are plenty of activities in store for the location. For instance, how about a luau? You could use this to replace the formal and conventional rehearsal dinner.

Your guests would love a hula lesson in Hawaii. But, think about the age group of your guests and ensure that there is enough space between the wedding and the hula lessons, so that the aching bones can rest if needed.

During the ceremony also, there are plenty of ways to blend the spirit of the location into the wedding itself. In the case of a seaside reception, the guests can play “pass the shell” where each person gets to “hear” advice from the alternate world. And once they get the advice (actually, advice they come up with on their own) they tell the couple verbally or write it down in a book.

Some activities that you can have before the wedding include shopping excursions, wine tasting (if any), and guided tours. If you plan to have any one of these activities, remember that the bride and the groom will have to pay for the entire bulk of guests. Say you arrange for a sailing trip, you have to pay the bill for the excursion. It is better not to tell them before hand that the trip will cost x dollars. Chances are they won’t be too happy about it.

One important advantage of having a location wedding is that only close friends and relatives will attend the ceremony, allowing you to plan certain special activities that you would not have had if the wedding had been a bigger event. For instance, the bride can arrange a slumber party with her close pals with popcorn, movies and drinks in a cottage, a hotel room or a villa, depending on the wedding location.

And of course, when planning a location wedding, this can also work as a honeymoon vacation. If that is what you have in mind, it would be better not to arrange many activities but rather let the guests find their own source of entertainment before and after the ceremony.

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