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How to Plan a Theme Wedding

When making plans for a wedding many couples choose to go with a theme of some sort. A wedding theme is a great way to share something special about yourselves with your guests. In a way you are letting your guests know a little more about what you like and your personal style. Your theme can be anything that is special to you, whether it is a fairytale theme or a chocolate theme. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The theme that you choose for your wedding can be incorporated into every aspect of the ceremony form the colors, to the decorations, to your wedding attire.

The first step in planning your theme wedding is to decide on the theme. A helpful tip in this process is to sit down and make a list of different things that are important to you. In that list you can include activities that you like to participate in, as well as colors that you like and holidays.

Once you have your list, you want to create your wedding budget, as this will play a big role in what type of theme you are able to go with. With your wedding theme list and budget in hand, you can now begin the process of narrowing down your list. The date of your ceremony also plays a role in which theme you decide on. Do any of the themes on your list require items that are seasonal? If so, you may end up paying more for certain items that are out of season.

Some popular themes for weddings include; fairytale weddings, tropical weddings, and holiday themed weddings. Below are some tips on how to plan weddings with the above themes.

Fairytale Theme Weddings Fairytale weddings are beautiful, and can be planned for almost any location. Think about the classical fairytales like Cinderella and Snow White for a little inspiration. Pretty much anything glamorous will work with this theme. Bubbles and confetti are fun to add to the reception. If your budget allows, you may even want to check on renting a carriage to take you and your groom to the reception after the ceremony.

Tropical Theme Weddings Tropical weddings are extremely fun to plan. There are so many options as far as color and floral arrangements. Almost any bright, vibrant color will work. Tropical weddings do work best for the summer time months, and if at all possible outside ceremonies are the best choice. Butterflies and leis can be fun additions to the reception as well.

Holiday Theme Weddings Holiday weddings are great, and can easily be done on a budget if you start planning well in advance. Christmas and Valentines weddings are very popular among this group. If you start planning a year in advance you can usually find all of your decorations, and even things that can be used as favors at the after holiday sales. Although holidays are usually a busy time of year, they do work well for weddings.

Whatever theme you may be considering, remember to keep an open mind and an open eye. You never know when you may run across something that will work wonderfully in your wedding.

Erica A. Brooks is the owner of where she helps brides to find the perfect theme wedding accessories, bridal favors and gifts to express their unique style at their wedding.


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