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When Should the Wedding Cake be Cut?

When should the cake be cut? At a luncheon or a sit-down meal reception the cake should be cut just before dessert.

At a cocktail reception serve the cake right after all the guests have been greeted.

What type of knife do I use? It is best to use a ribbon-tied silver cake knife. A cake knife engraved with your initials is a good choice. Some brides use the same cake knife used by her parents at their wedding.

Is there a special way to cut the cake?

Yes…the groom laces his right hand over the brides, and together they cut the bottom layer of the cake.

Do we have to feed each other cake? Not absolutely necessary but it is a nice tradition you may want to follow. The sharing of the first slice of cake symbolizes the couples willingness to share their new life together.

Keep your dignity and do not smash the cake into each others faces’.

What happens after we feed each other cake? The bride then slices several pieces of cake and serves them to her new in-laws. Then the groom slices the cake and serves the pieces to his new in-laws. After the in-laws are served, the cake is then taken to the kitchen by the catering staff to be sliced and served to the guests.

Why do Brides save the top tier of the cake? According to an old custom, a bride is supposed to save the top tier of her wedding cake and eat it on the couple’s first anniversary. If you want to save your cake, have the caterer carefully wrap it so it is airtight and freeze as soon as possible.

What happens to the leftover wedding cake? You can ask the caterer to pack slices of any extra wedding cake in small boxes to be sent home with the guests.

Did you know that it is considered bad luck for a guest to leave a wedding reception without tasting the cake?

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