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Wedding Favors For Family And Friends – 4 Important Tips

Wedding favors are the perfect way to express gratitude on behalf of the couples towards their friends & family who graciously came to their wedding and made it a ceremony worth cherishing for life. These are the small tokens of their appreciation that the marrying couple gives out to their beloved on their wedding day.

I. Facts About the Wedding Favors

1. The wedding favors are available in the markets in all shapes & sizes.

2. There are infinite options to choose from.

3. However, like all other things in the wedding, the wedding favors too depend on the couple’s budget.

4. One needs to be very resourceful & creative while finding a solution to this problem.

5. The very creative ones can also select a wedding favor with regards to the theme on which each & every item of the marriage would be decided.

6. You can buy these from any stores.

7. In some cases the bride & the groom can make it themselves with the help of the bride’s bridal entourage.

II. History of the Wedding Favors

1. The initialization of the wedding favors dates back many-many centuries ago from the European countries.

2. The people of those times believed that the weddings were one fortunate occasion of life.

3. They believed that giving wedding favors by the couple shared their luck among the family &friends;.

4. This tradition was born in the upper class families of Europe centuries ago.

5. The French & the Italian families handed out ‘bonbonnieres’ to their guests as the wedding favors.

6. These were confectionary delicacies placed in the small fancy boxes that were made of crystal, metal, and / or porcelain.

7. These boxes were all decorated with very precious stones creating that precious keepsake for the guests.

8. As the trends move, soon all the social classes followed the tradition of giving out wedding favors among their guests.

9. In the olden days, almonds were the most popular wedding favors distributed by the couples.

10. They believed that almonds represent longevity, happiness, health, wealth, and fertility.

11. Till date, almonds are one among the commonly given wedding favors gifted by the couples. Usually they prefer giving out candy-coated almonds.

III. Wedding Favors Given Out in the Modern Days

1. Wedding favors are quite an essential part of all wedding preparations these days.

2. The couples these days have unlimited choices to opt from for the wedding favors.

3. The wedding favors can either be purchased from the department stores. Or these can be made in order to match with the couple’s wedding theme.

4. You can choose, either to have a practical or a decorative wedding favor to give away among the family & friends.

5. There are several sensible couples who opt to give away practical wedding favors. It implies that these items can all be used by the guests afterwards.

6. The usable items gifted these days range from all sorts of kitchen gadgets such as salt & pepper shakers, coasters, cookie cutters, etc.

7. Also there is a majority of the couples who give out soaps & candles as their wedding favors among the family & friends.

IV. Wedding Favor Ideas

1. To get down to the best of ideas for the wedding favors you must think as wild & imaginative as you can.

2. These couples can also come up with some wildest wedding favors to give away among their family & friends.

3. The wedding favors are available in a wide variety of rates. So, you must have your budget on hand to choose the apt that you would like to give away.

4. The wedding favors symbolizing the theme of the wedding mark a real class.

5. The wedding favors can some times also be chosen in regards to the prevalent season of the wedding.

6. Then the themes vary like Christmas, winter, summer and fall.

7. Those who are creative enough also choose to make their own wedding favors, that is, some self made crafts.

8. Another well known wedding favor is the wedding songs recorded on a compact disc. This lets the all the couples share the special day with their guests for years together.

At the end of the day, it is the couple itself who decides the wedding favor with their choice & imagination!

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