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Wedding Favors: An Essential Part Of Any Wedding

Wedding favors are the small gifts given to guests who attend your wedding. They tend to be items guests can take home with them and serve both as a reminder of your special day as well as way of thanking them for attending and celebrating with you.

With the incredible costs associated with weddings these days, it’s no wonder many couples choose to hold back on the expense of wedding favors or at the very least leave the planning of what to give the guests until the last minute. And, what with all the tiny details requiring attention when arranging a wedding ceremony, who can blame them.

There is however a school of thought which suggests no small task is too important when it comes to your special day. For most couples, a wedding day will only take place once and so the need for perfection in everything is paramount.

So then it goes without saying that a seemingly trivial item on your to do list such as wedding favors should take careful planning.

The history and tradition of wedding favors

At the risk of loosing an audience at this point, it is interesting and appropriate to quickly take a look at where the idea of giving gifts to guests at a wedding came from.

It is believed the tradition was common among European aristocrats who provided guests with a small trinket box, which contained sugar cubes or confection, at a time when sugar was an expensive commodity. The gift symbolized wealth and royalty. Centuries later, almonds replaced sugar as a passing on of good wishes to the bridegroom’s new life. Today this same tradition is shared in cultures all over the world.

Bearing this little history lesson in mind, taking careful consideration of what wedding favors you will provide your guests takes on a whole new meaning.

3 perfect reasons for finding the ideal wedding favors


Although most, if not all of your guests may miss the symbolism of wealth and royalty when it comes to the wedding favors they receive, they will notice the appearance of expense and effort. There are countless ways to spare enormous expense with these gifts but still provide something your family and friends will want to keep as a significant reminder of your wedding day.


Wedding favors can be used to enhance the atmosphere of your reception by the placement of them as part of the decoration as well as playing a part in the festivities. While the latter may take a little more thought and planning, the presenting of the wedding favors could be a ceremony of its own.

When it comes to deciding on centerpieces, the cake, invitations, flowers, music and every other detail, wedding favors can play an important role when it comes to the look and feel of your wedding. As always, it’s the little things that count.


Wedding favors are a way of thanking the people who celebrated in your dream day and this thank you should come from the heart. Just remember though, expensive gifts do not always come across as sincere.

There are literally thousand of wedding favors to choose from these days. Choose carefully and plan accordingly because you will only get to do this once.

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