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Choosing a Dj for Your Wedding

Music is one of the most important elements of a successful wedding or event. Many couples opt for live entertainment whilst others choose a wedding DJ. Either way if the wedding music isn’t right then the party will fizzle out.
There are many benefits of choosing a wedding DJ which include among other things a larger song selection. Whilst the wedding DJ is on a break and during meals, music can still be playing. A good wedding DJ can also be your wedding MC as many can do both. This is obviously more cost effective than a wedding band and is more professional than asking a friend or relative to MC.
Finding a wedding DJ may be difficult. You may choose a wedding DJ that you have seen play at another wedding or event. Another way to select a good wedding DJ is to ask the venue for a list of good DJ’s they have worked with in the past. Most venues will be able to provide you with this list. It is often best to choose a wedding DJ who is familiar with the venue and its sound requirements.
When choosing your wedding DJ it is advisable that you meet them in person to discuss the music. You will need to have a plan as to when the first dance should be played, the genre of music you prefer to ensure that the wedding music suits your personal preferences. A consultation with your wedding DJ is vital especially if they are going to be your wedding MC as well.
Another factor to consider when choosing you wedding DJ is their experience. Be sure to ask for testimonials, referrals and references. You should also ensure that you and your DJ have a good rapport and that you feel comfortable with them. This is important to ensure that communication is easy between both parties. It is also a good idea to ask the wedding DJ if they have played at your venue before as well as other types of venues they have played at. This will give an idea as to whether they are familiar with the venues size and the type of equipment they need to bring to the event. Finally make sure you have a written agreement in place.
The perfect wedding DJ will be flexible and organised and have a plan on the night. Combining a wedding DJ with live entertainment is becoming more common and is a contemporary twist for today’s weddings. With more cultures intermarrying the wedding DJ may need to share the stage with a wedding band and other wedding entertainment.
The ideal wedding DJ is professional, experienced and has similar taste in music to you. They will punctual and understand the atmosphere you are trying to create. They will be able to keep the wedding party lively and everyone on the dance floor. After all your wedding day is one big celebration.
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