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Choosing Your Honeymoon – Should It Be A Package Vacation?

For most people getting married, the wedding preparations take all of the time and energy, but the perfect honeymoon does deserve some time, so that it successfully starts the husband and wife’s life together.

There are many possibilities when it comes to destinations, and we shall look at a few of those options here, along with some other important questions to ask and find answers to as well.

For thousands of brides and grooms, the wedding preparations add a tremendous amount of stress to the occasion. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, which is understandable, but at the same time, you need to be realistic, especially when it comes to the finances of this venture. Many people put themselves into debt so that they can have that perfect wedding, not realizing that it may be very difficult for them to pay off these large bills once they are back to work after the wedding. Some kind of comprise is necessary between being extravagant, and realistic. Weddings can still be perfect even though the costs are low. It is all about expectations, and if you set the bar too high then these dreams may be shattered. But it is better that your dreams are shattered than your marriage, as many marriages fall apart because of financial issues.

So, for your honeymoon, choose a destination that you can afford to go to, and if it means staying in the same state or province, that is fine too. It is essential that on your honeymoon the bride and groom spend some time together, quality time, as this has probably been in short supply because of all the wedding preparations, but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on your honeymoon.

Do some financial planning about what you can afford to spend on your honeymoon vacation, working out a maximum amount and then stick to it! Hopefully this honeymoon will be your only one, and this makes the temptation to do it right even harder! But do not go into debt over this if you can possibly avoid it – hopefully wherever your new partner is, you can have fun, and you can buy one another small thoughtful treats rather than large expensive ones.

Now we have covered that, what honeymoon vacations and destinations are available? With so many beautiful places that you can consider, you need to decide on your budget, and decide a few basic things like a hot vacation, or a cold place. Decide the type of honeymoon vacation you would like. It doesn’t have to be hot and sunny with golden sand beaches. If you or your partner prefer snowy scenes, then go for that, but decide between you whether you want hot and sunny or cold and snowy, or whatever works for you.

Currently the top five honeymoon destinations are Venice, Paris, Tahiti, Rome, and of course Hawaii. Note that not all of these honeymoon destinations have sandy beaches – but places like Rome and Paris are still thought to be romantic cities to wander around. The advantage of places like Venice, Paris and Rome, is that there are plenty of attractions that you can visit if you choose to, and if not they are all interesting places to wander around.

If you are interested in Tahiti, this gives you the option of white sandy beaches, but also rugged mountains too, as well as plenty of marine life. There are plenty of islands to snorkel around, or go cruising to, so it can be very restful. There are bungalows that are built over the water, which can be very romantic.

Hawaii too has the sandy beaches, but it also has great night life, so if you want this contrast of romantic beaches during the day and then a busy nightlife, this may be for you. There are islands to visit, and a dormant volcano or a live one too, so the choice of Hawaii as a honeymoon vacation is one with which you can’t really go wrong.

Of course there are plenty of other cities that offer plenty to the tourist. Niagara Falls, in both Canada and the US is one place that looks entirely different in the middle of winter compared to summer. It depends a little on the time of year for your honeymoon, but more so on the type of vacation you want, whether it is relaxation on a white sand beach, or a week of skiing in the Alps.

Look out for package deals, but you need to have some kind of idea if the activities you want with the deal, otherwise you may end up paying a lot more for items you don’t want or need. The package deals can be a great way of knowing beforehand exactly what your expenses are since many offer restaurants on site that are included in your package. This can make it a fun way to try different foods too, as their cost is included, so if you don’t like something, you won’t go hungry.

No matter what you plan for your honeymoon, where you go, or what places you visit, remember that this is the time for you and your loved one to enjoy a little relaxation after the hustle and bustle of your wedding.

The top honeymoon destinations that other people have chosen may not be suitable for you, but there are plenty of other options you can find for your honeymoon at


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