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Honeymoons On The Water

A honeymoon is a wonderful excuse to really get away from it all. One of the best ways to make your honeymoon trip a true escape is to vacation on the water. These are some great ideas for honeymoons that you can take on water.

A cruise can be a fantastic idea for a honeymoon trip. Most cruise ships are like floating cities, complete with everything from fine dining to swimming to nightlife and sporty activities. There is a huge variety in cruise types, as well. If time is short, take a weekend party cruise out of New York or another major port city. Or take a traditional tropical cruise which visits numerous ports of call all along the Caribbean.

There are more exotic cruises, as well, such as those to Alaska, the Greek islands, or the fjords of Scandinavia. The experience of being out at sea with your new spouse taking in breathtaking sights will truly make your honeymoon memorable. One thing that most cruise lines have in common is the expectation that guests will dress up for dinner, so be sure to pack some pretty dresses, and bring along your crystal bridal jewelry to add that touch of elegance. It will be fun to wear your bridal jewelry again, and it is safer to travel with beautiful crystal pieces rather than very costly diamonds.

If you love to sail, you might prefer something smaller than a cruise ship. A fantastic voyage for sailing aficionados is a sailboat cruise. On many of these excursions, there is a crew, but the newlyweds also get to take part in sailing the boat. It is a great balance between getting the fun of sailing, without having total responsibility for the vessel 24 hours a day. Most of these types of honeymoons will be on sailboats with sleeping cabins, so you will call the boat your home for the duration of the trip. To keep things interesting, plan on visiting a few spots along your journey where you can share a romantic dinner in a great restaurant. Even newlyweds cannot live on love alone, after all.

Many couples love the water, but would prefer to have a honeymoon based on dry land. Even if you choose to stay in a hotel, there are many terrific options for including fun on the water into your honeymoon trip. If you travel to a destination like Hawaii, become a sightseer on the water

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