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A Perfect Outdoor Wedding

 By: Elaine Henshaw

Outdoor weddings can incorporate spectacular moments; golden light accentuating the bride and groom, dramatic landscapes and more. But for every perfect outdoor wedding, there is another outdoor wedding that is a nightmare. Think a change in weather with record-breaking temperatures, or storms that bring snow, ice and hail. Outdoor weddings can be unpredictable to say the least. The best solution is to have a courtyard wedding. This offers the wedding party and guests the best of an outdoor wedding with the protection of an indoor wedding.

perfect weddings can happen, but you can’t predict if it will be yours. Here are a couple of instances to think about. This can happen to you. You decide to get married on a ranch in the middle of Colorado, Wyoming or Montana. You are surrounded with tall grasses and have a horse-drawn carriage waiting. As you get ready to head to the aisle, cars pass by on the dirt road, hooting and hollering. But that’s not the worst. Sunny skies change quickly in mountain areas and before your father lifts your veil, the clouds gather and break and hail explodes around you. You all dash for the barn.

Because this is a ranch, there are livestock. The livestock are happy to have company. As you say your vows, the horses, pigs and chicken all offer their two-cents. Some get excited and the smells of their excitement overpower the moment.

This is probably the worst that could happen. However, one problem that pops up all too often is the heat. Sunny days are what you prayed for and you got them. You got blue skies, not a cloud in the sky. It’s a still day and the humidity is thick. People sit patiently waiting as sweat stains their clothes.

Women cross and uncross legs, to try to let a little air cool them off. They use the program as a fan. Some men take off their jackets, but others are too embarrassed to and suffer through the heat. As the bride, all you can think about is how uncomfortable everyone is. You try to rush the ceremony, forget to kiss the groom and usher everyone to the nearby reception tent. If you didn’t think to set up a tent, then it will be a rough day for everyone.

If you don’t want to worry about the weather, then book a courtyard wedding. Courtyards have the best of both worlds. They have indoor spaces with heat and air conditioning. Wedding venues with a courtyard can easily set up a space for the wedding ceremony if the weather turns bad. They have access to cold beverages to keep guests happy. There will be no outside distractions; it will be your special day from start to finish.


Elaine Henshaw


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